It’s the most advanced tea processing plant in Latin America:

  • Exclusively dedicated to the production of new origin teas: Bitaco Unique Colombian Tea
  • Located in the rural area of Bitaco, La Cumbre municipality, in the Valle del Cauca.
  • Agricola Himalaya invested US$ 2 million
  • The final destination of this product will be the European, North American and some Latin American markets.

With the objective on processing its new product Bitaco Unique Colombian Tea, the Colombian company Agricola Himalaya, opens its new processing plant for origin tea which is the most modern in Latin American, located in the rural area of Bitaco, La Cumbre municipality, in Valle del Cauca.

The new structure takes up around 2000 mt2, which was built on a 9000 mt2 terrain. This is where the modern machinery was installed, imported from Japan, which at the moment are recognized as the most modern for the production of tea, which makes this new processing plant in Bitaco the most advanced in the production of tea in the world.

For this adjustment, Agricola Himalaya invested a total US$2 million, paid in terrain adaptation, engineering work, purchase and adjusting of the machinery and administration office equipment. Also, during the time of construction 50 direct jobs were created.

The new tea processing plant, is the only one in Colombia, has a capacity of processing 950 tons of green tea leafs per year and it is now considered one of the best in the world for the production of orthodox tea or loose leaf tea type.