“En virtud de la ley 1266 de 2008 y ley 1581 de 2012 y por medio del presente escrito; El candidato da su autorización para que  los datos personales que el mismo suministra a AGRICOLA HIMALAYA S.A. sean utilizados para efectos de vinculación en la Empresa, brigadas laborales, notificaciones referencias y en lo general a […]

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Bitaco is a origin tea, of elevation, manually harvested and in the process to be  organically certified. It is classified as a ‘Loose leaf special Tea’ and is commercialized with success in the areas of special teas in the most prestigious tea houses in Europe and United states. In March of 2017 our reference ‘Cacao […]

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The leading brand in tea and infusion category in Colombia, also participates in the instant tea category. Its portfolio is classified in four segments: – Tea: Black, Green and Red Fruit Infusions Herbal Teas Instant Teas Hindu is present in the markets of United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay. Learn more information […]

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GEARED SOCIALLY: || a better life quality for our workers and the people from the region of Bitaco.


This sustainability component demands us to mitigate the negative impacts that our job produces, this implies the use of natural resources for the production process and packaging and simultaneously, enhance the positive impacts, which are the healthy benefits for our consumers, generate jobs and reinforce regional development. According to this, we develop strategies that will […]

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ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: || United for the planet


Behind closed doors: the company develops agricultural, industrial manufactural, distribution, marketing, and administration processes. The first ones mentioned previously take place in Bitaco, Valle del Cauca, and the main goal is to take care of the environment, and rationally use water and energy, and good waste management. In the other processes the main objective is […]

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