Bitaco Black Tea Cacao Kisses, || Chosen as the best Black Tea Blend

This product is originated in the Valle del Cauca mountains.

  • It was described as particularly desirable.
  • This product is exported to Europe and United States and in this moment being introduced into the Colombian market.

With just 5 months in the international market, Agricola Himalaya with its new product ‘Bitaco Black Tea Cacao Kisses’, the only tea with Colombian origins, was awarded as the best black tea blend on international levels.

This recognition was awarded in the Global Tea championships, that judges the best teas being produced around the world, and where the asian countries are natural experts in this type of drink, they have a big presence with diverse products in many categories.

Bitaco Black Tea Cacao Kisses was listed as the best black tea blend, achieving a score of 70-80/100, that defines this product way above average, with quality characteristics particularly desirable. At this moment this product is being exported to France, Germany and United States, with this brand being present in the most prestige  Tea Houses like Mariage Freres and J. T. Ronnefeldt.

Bitaco Black Tea Cacao Kisses is harvested in the Valle del Cauca mountains, located in the rural area of Bitaco (where the brand name come from), in the La Cumbre municipality.

These awards are part of the World Tea Expo, the biggest commercial and educative fair in the tea industry, that is celebrated in Las Vegas, 100% focused in  the premium tea markets. In this fair we can find more than 200 tea suppliers of the highest quality in the world, besides outstanding retailers, Tea House owners, Tea Rooms, Tea Shops, Spa directors, specialized chains and massive merchants.

For Andres Velasco, The General Manager for Agricola Himlaya: ‘ This award is the result of years of research and development that the company has done. And it is the beginning of a journey where we will develop the objective to show the whole world the tea quality that Colombia can produce. Without a doubt this award will open new markets, that will bring new challenges and demands to Agricola Himalaya.