Culture, Values and Competences

Culture, Values and Competences


600-x-337Our organization promotes positive treatment and relationships, based on trust, which allows each member to freely express their opinions, ideology and preferences without undermining their growth possibilities.
We strongly believe that this accepting environment can create a friendlier, more vibrant and more productive work climate. Permanent innovation is a fundamental requirement for business success and sustainability. Creativity is the seed of that innovation and as such is not the property or responsibility of an area or department.
Each collaborator at Agrícola Himalaya can generate ideas that allow continuous improvement and that positively impact their work, that of their area and that of the company.
The speed of changes in the markets in which we compete requires timely and effective responses from each collaborator. Taking the initiative to help, get involved or lead improvement proposals on all fronts of the company’s operation is a necessary decision.
Our fundamental interest is the well-being and growth of the people who make up the company, for this we create support networks, aimed at mitigating adverse situations and promoting the development of our team. We are also genuinely concerned about the development of the community.



Agrícola Himalaya is an organization managed from ethics, transparency and compliance with the rules. As collaborators, we are aware of our responsibility regarding the quality of supplies, elements, equipment, processes and information, as well as the care and protection of environmental resources that allow and facilitate our operation.
We are convinced that this is the basis of our development, we do it well, we do it quickly and we do it efficiently.


Each employee of Agrícola Himalaya has the right to be valued and treated with dignity and the duty to value and treat each colleague with dignity, regardless of position, rank, area or seniority in the company.


At Agrícola Himalaya, opportunities are available to everyone. We establish working conditions in which each person can aspire to and consolidate their development in the organization based on their own expectations and the performance of their work.
When acquiring skills, the opportunities for growth, relationships, treatment and direction will not be defined or mediated by their gender, religious beliefs, political affinities, sexual orientation or ideology of any kind.


We take responsibility for our actions and the results derived from them. We are loyal to the agreements established with the company, collaborators, colleagues, customers and suppliers, as well as with the entities that regulate our operation.


As a team, we are constantly searching for innovative ideas and alternatives that help us solve day-to-day situations, as well as envision strategies that allow us to take advantage of market opportunities. Creativity can be applied to the work of each collaborator, thus improving the contribution of value to the management of the company.


We constantly prepare ourselves, analyze the available information, propose alternative actions, report in a timely manner, and act diligently in matters that may impact the performance and integrity of the company.


Today for you tomorrow for me. At Agrícola Himalaya, we care about the well-being of each and every one of our collaborators, clients and communities in which we operate. We are always willing to offer collaboration to whoever requires it.



Ability to challenge oneself and others towards continuous improvement and optimization of processes, proposing better ways of doing things, sharing new approaches, promoting the exchange of experiences and fostering innovative thinking that contributes to improving business results.


Ability to integrate and actively participate within groups or work teams, inclusive, diverse, playing clear roles towards the achievement of common objectives or concrete results, as well as promoting open, respectful and flexible cooperation environments.


Ability to carry out the tasks of the position and achieve the proposed results, with opportunity and quality, exceeding initial expectations and generating the possibility of contributing even beyond what is required in search of excellence both personally and professionally.


Ability to accept and adapt to changes in a flexible and optimistic way, modifying one’s own behavior to achieve certain objectives, even when difficulties, new data or changes in the context arise. It is the ability to understand and accept different positions for the benefit of the objectives of the organization.