mujeresOf the 214 hectares owned by Agricola Himalaya, 52 hectares are planted with tea bushes, 10 hectares with aromatic plants, 35 hectares are pasture, and 117 hectares are natural protected forest.

The tea plantation, unique in Colombia, have plants that are more than 50 years old. It´s considered a high altitude plantation because of its elevation where it´s located from 1800 meters to 2050 meters.

The sum of rich soils in organic material and very favourable climate conditions where the mist and humid environment prevails, have generated a product with unique and exceptional organoleptic characteristics.

There are 20 lots separated by line forest barriers that create a humid environment and a natural barrier for plagues and diseases. Another important strength is the presence of three different types of ´Camelia Sinensis´ bushes, which we find spread out all over the lots. This generates a natural blend with flavour, smell and color with unique characteristics.

The plantation is organic certified under the USA (NOP), Europe and Colombian standards; also have the UTZ seal, which certifies good agricultural, social and environmental practices.