The Agricola Himalaya Employees Fund was constituted in 1999 with the following main objectives for the employees: Create a money savings culture and facilitate access to credit loans Within a framework of solidarity, the employees of Agrícola Himalaya and especially the collaborators with lower income levels, which do not have an easy access to the National Financial System, could improve their living standards.

Throughout these 18 years, the Agricola Himalaya Employees Fund has become to a solid entity, thanks to the responsible and balanced management; it has the necessary liquidity to easily meet the demand for loans and also generates profit that allows the revaluation of contributions, which keeps the value of money from savings over time. Additionally, the Fund’s finances have allowed it to grant education, calamities and vacations aids for its members, as well as other benefits such as gifts and training.

The Fund has several lines of loans, among which housing and education stand out, in which preferential rates are handled, as those are considered as an investment for the future.

In the articulated work between the Company, the Foundation and the Employees Fund, the last one also provides resources for the “Marichú de Llano” scholarship program, which is actually supporting the professional studies of 16 young students from the Bitaco region.